Shower Before and After You Swim

Summer is right around the corner, it’s time to have fun in the water. Swimming is a popular activity that is great for improving human health. Most people know to slather on sunscreen and there are many simple steps everyone can follow to keep yourself healthy when swimming. However, having contact with contaminated water from swimming pools can spread illnesses whether you are swimming in your own pool or surfing in the ocean. Following are many simple steps prevent you from potentially making others sick.

An Ocean Swim

Most of us have fondest memories are the time we spent at the beach with family. People love ocean swim. However, scientists find that swimming in the sea increase the chances of picking up MRSA, a bacterium that causes infections in the body. Another bad news is stay in water with high level of salts can dry your skin out. Of course, salt water itself is not bad for your skin. How to protect the skin against MRSA? Scientists suggest people take precautions to shower before and after going for a swim to reduce the spreading.

At Home
Our whole family loves the water, so there are a few things that can be done to reduce the risks of swimming in your home pool.

The first thing we need to consider is the minimizing chlorine exposure. Chlorine is popular because it always used for keeping pool clean. It can kill bacteria, oxidizes and deters algae. The truth is, when you swim in a chlorinated pool, you expose your body to various chemicals. Furthermore, chlorine absorbs into your skin, too much chlorine will be linked to cancer. If you family love water, you should:

1. Suggest them swim in an outdoor chlorinated pool. In this way, the toxic gases can be eliminated in the air.
2. Install a best outdoor tankless water heater beside the pool to make it easy to shower before and after with a soap.
3. Because too much chlorine exposure will cause reddens eyes or allergic reactions, so wearing a mask to protect eyes are necessary.
4. If the pool chlorine level is up too high, it may make your hair a bit rough. So investing in a good swim cap can be good choice.


7 Spring Training Fitness Tips

Sunny days are here again. After a long winter of reduced activity you might be wanted to reignite your motivation by breaking away from your boring gym routine and neglect to prepare for the transition from indoor to outdoor exercising.

However, if you changed your routine for the winter, you need to get your spring training slowly. So whether you simply need to exercise for a long and healthy life or you’re training for seasonal sports leagues in your community or even doing some “spring cleaning” in your pantry, with these tips keep in mind when taking your workout outside:

Go Slow and Set Goals
That race you ran last summer was a long time ago. Take stock of your current fitness level before you start working out. The body needs time to recover. You need time to have a reprieve from exercise. So, setting realistic goals is important. Stick to a steady routine and increase training more than 10 percent per week to reduce the risk of injury.

Work out with a friend or group
When you are going to exercise outdoors by yourself, you’ll likely be able to find a pal who has the same routine. This way helps keep both of you committed.

Mix things up and keep it fun
Doing the same routine every week will have you losing focus. One of the best spring exercise tips you can try is select a variety of activities you find enjoyable so you are doing new things that help you build both muscle and stamina. Don’t pick up where you left off last fall.

Keep Moisturizing
Keep moisturizing is particularly useful tip to enjoy your spring outdoor exercise. The warm spring weather is the best time to spend more time outdoors. It’s also a rotten time if someone is prone to develop pimples. Protect your skin from over-exposure to the wind with a store-bought or homemade moisturizer. [home remedies for pimples and moisturizer]

Make a new spring playlist
It’s time to update your playlist for spring. Study proves that listening to music can be beneficial to your fitness regimen. Positive songs will give you all the happy energy in your exercise. Depend on your style and speed. There is a wide range of songs you can choose Fifth Harmony to Monkey Tree.

Go Drink and Eat
Never starves yourself during the outdoor exercise. Spring can be one of the most dangerous times for our bodies when it comes to consider dehydration. To prevent muscle tears and help you feel better in the sweltering summer month, make sure drink a lot of water and eat low-fat or fat-free food that can help reduce inflammation.

Get ready before you get started
The first thing to consider spring workout is talk to your doctor about the appropriate exercise routine that fits for you as the problems and limitations of different exercise, which will not only keep your doctor in the loop. Many specific exercises that can help get you back in shape, while some leads to early season injuries.

A Brief Stroll through Freedom Park in Nassau County, Florida

Last summer, my family and I decided on a taking a vacation close to home, in order to same money on the costs associated with travel. We live in northern Florida, so we had all come to the conclusion that we were at a pretty good location that would allow us to take such a money-saving venture without sacrificing options for leisure activities. We set off for a final destination of Orlando, Florida; which has some of Florida’s most famous tourist destinations, such as Walk Disney World, MGM Studios, Epcot Park, Wet ‘N Wild, Treasure Island, and Universal Studios Florida. As a budget conscious traveler, I already knew that we could get tickets to most of these locations for absolutely zero cost by simply sitting through a couple of 90-minute sales presentations that attempt to sell time-share condominiums to tourists. As I set out, I set a non-static goal for a budget in my mind of taking my family of four on this vacation journey for under five-hundred dollars, swinging by some of Florida’s other lesser-known tourist attractions such as Freedom Park in Nassau County; which so happens to be less than 45 minutes from my home. Could I accomplish this goal? Let’s find out…

First, we packed our coolers with sandwiches and canned soft drinks to prevent stops. I aimed to only stop for fueling up, which I planned on being the most major expense, because my 1999 Mercury Mountaineer is not exactly the most fuel-friendly vehicle. There were advantages to have a vehicle such as this, and those will be explained later on. So, we left out on Interstate 95 north into Nassau County. This is a bit of a detour from our destination, but it was one of the sights that we decided we wanted to start with. On the way to Freedom Park, we blew a flat tire.

Now, one of the advantages to owning a full-sized SUV is the fact that they generally come equipped with full-size spare tires. I am also the type of person to always come prepared, so utilizing my new floor jack, I was able to have us up and on the road in less that 20 minutes. We enjoyed Freedom Park and spent about 2 hours at the attraction. We then hopped back onto Interstate-95 and headed back south to Interstate-10, taking some back roads to get to US-301 and US-1 on our way to Orlando. While in Orlando, we stayed at a three-star hotel with quite a few amenities, for $39.99 per night, but after a little negotiation, we were able to spend 4 nights there for $176.49 after taxes included. The first night, we relaxed, enjoying the room and the swimming pool, but the next morning, I asked around and found out were a couple of the above-mentioned presentations were.

We were able to get free tickets to MGM, Universal, and all of the Disney parks for absolutely free, except for about 270 minutes of our time. So, the first 6 hours of this day were spent doing this, but we ended up with tickets for 3 days to each park. We checked out Universal that day, as it is a park that is away from the rest of them. The third and fourth day, we spent our time enjoying all of the attractions at the other parks, spending about $85 total on different items at the parks. So, we went home after all of this, spending another $45 on fuel on the way back, for a total of $90 on fuel. Pulling into our driveway after a very nice vacation, I smiled to myself after realizing that we were able to pull this vacation off for way under the goal I had set in my head of $500.


Spring Exercise Tips that have the Potential to have very Positive Impacts on One’s Look and Overall Health

Spring time is the time of the year for new beginnings, new life, and fresh starts. That is, it is the perfect time of the year to really kick-start those recent New Year’s resolutions to get in shape, exercise more, and loose those pesky pounds that you put on during the overeating of the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. With that said, it is an excellent time to start a new fitness regimen. There are a few tips to remember when starting any new exercising program, and done correctly, these new exercises have not only the potential to remove those extra pounds, but to give lasting overall health benefits, including everything from increased stamina that comes with cardio workouts to reducing the appearance or probability of varicose veins through leg exercises.

Now, the first thing to always remember when starting any new fitness program is to check with your physician to make sure that you have no underlying conditions that would cause and ill effects. In this case, talk to your doctor about your exercise capacity and limit in order to structure a program that will not be over-strenuous. Once you have accomplished this, do some web research from reputable fitness sites and blogs to prepare a routine that will allow you to get the most benefit targeted at the areas that you need to work on. It is a good idea to include at least 20 minutes of cardio workout or warmups in order to get your circulation and heart rate up during the session, therefore maximizing the amount of calories burned. Next, once you have determined this, either join a gym or fitness club or perform your exercises in a creative manner that eliminates that possibility of boredom setting in. In fact, boredom is the number one cause of people giving up on new fitness routines, so you really want to put some emphasis on this. Obviously, some good, upbeat music is a must during the exercise, or you can opt to watch television programs or movies while performing your mundane cardio routine.

With all of this in mind, make sure that your routine is realistic, starting slow and getting a gauge for what your body can handle. Then, as your stamina builds, incorporate new routines and maneuvers into your regimen in order to “confuse” your muscles, making sure to achieve maximum gains in doing so. With these tips as well as a well thought-out research plan from some reputable names in fitness, you can make sure that your new spring exercise regimen last well beyond the single season. The longer you are able to keep up a good routine, the better off your overall health will be. So, start this spring with a new approach to an old idea, and begin an exercise regimen that will last you a lifetime and will provide you with a plethora of health benefits that you never would’ve imagined.

A Do-It-Yourself Instructable for Building a Quick-and-Easy Park Bench

With the advent and dissemination of mass publication and knowledge via the current information age, the internet has become the destination for finding all sorts of instructions on how to do everything from creating your own system-on-a-chip Linux-based USB-sized PC or build a fully functional wooden mouse to making and completing woodworking projects. The guys over at Jay’s Custom Creations have put together a great resource for building your very own park bench using power tools, such as miter saws. You will need the following to get started. According to the tutorial, the pocket-hole jig is not required, but will make your life quite a bit easier:

For this project, you will need the following:

  • Eight 8 feet long 2×4’s.
  • Twenty-two to twenty-four 2-1/2″ outdoor screws.
  • Twenty-one to twenty-four 2-1/2″ outdoor “pocket-hole” screws (optional).
  • Elmer’s or other comparable wood glue.
  • Miter saw. A hand saw will work, but using a best miter saw and stand will make your life a breeze.
  • Cordless or corded drill.
  • Pocket hole jig, if you have one available. If not, this is used mainly for aesthetic purposes, and the bench can be completed without using pocket holes.

Step 1 will involve:
The first thing that must be done is cutting all of the necessary pieces according to the materials list. These cuts can be made with a circular saw or a miter saw. Once these cuts have been made, the next step is to sort them so that the “good” side is face-down. This bench is best built from the inside first in order to lessen the noticeability of any fastener heads which may poke through.

Followed by Step 2:
To lessen the unsightly spectacle of these screw heads even more, so-called “pocket” holes can be made with certain speciality tools, if you happen to have them available. This is not a necessary step to take, but can definitely help out with the aesthetics of the project.

Step 3:
In this step, the legs of the table will be assembled. They should be done with the horizontal portions at the top. The twenty-inch-long piece can be fastened to both legs, and use a couple of the outdoor screws along the “diagonals” created at the intersection of the open shape. A good diagram, including very nice visual depictions of how to do this, can be found using the resource noted in the first footnote of this article. Following this step in conjunction with said diagram will create a very sturdy product, which is necessary when you are preparing a place for people to sit.

Step 4:
Step four has us assembling the back supports of the bench. It is important that these are assembled in a manner that they intersect with the top of the leg apparatus. They should also be level with the bottom of the lower horizontal unit as well. It is important here to make sure that none of the pocket hole locations overlap, keeping in mind to allow for slight adjustments to be made, if needed.

Step 5:
Moving along to the fifth step, this is where the actual seating is going to be attached. This piece will hold bodies in support, so it is necessary that this step be followed in order to make sure your product supports the weight, making sure that he specifications of your material will hold the predicted amount of weight to be normally held. This piece actually makes sure that both right and left leg units are connected to one another. Here, you can substitute outdoor screws if you did not opt to use the appropriate tool for pocket holes.

Step 6:
Step six has us attaching the front seat slat. Make sure that this part is secured with both glue and screws. It can be a little challenging, with many people having to elevate the assembly a few inches in order for the drill with bit to completely fasten it down.

Step 7:
The final step has us securing the back slats. Essentially, the same exact method used in step 6 will be used in this step, reversing appropriately. After you are completed with this step, take a second to make sure that all of you screws are securely fastened and that your product is visibly correct.

By following the above steps as well as using the visual diagrams found at Jay’s Custom Creations, making this bench will be a breeze. After you have completed step 7, you will be completely done with the assembly of this new seating unit. At this point, any steps used to help with the aesthetics, such as sanding, painting, and staining can be employed to make a finished product starting with some wood and your miter saw that even the best carpenters will be jealous of.

This instructatble can be found at×4-outdoor-bench, and can be viewed and downloaded as a free do-it-yourself resource to create an amazing bench.


Easy Spring Health Boosts

As some of you are aware I have been extremely busy with work and some other new endeavors so blogging has sort of taken a back seat for a while. I am not happy about that at all but I have had to choose what takes priority and unfortunately this has been the choice I needed to make. However, I want to try and keep posting at least a couple times a week and today I am very excited to share a great post from a Guest Blogger, Emma Banks. Emma blogs over at Smile As It Happens and like me is a mother of two.Today she is sharing some great ways to stay healthy this Spring.

Easy Spring Health Boosts
The winter months always seem to take a toll on my fitness. Between holiday eating, bad jogging weather, and kids home on school breaks, I find it hard to keep my health tip-top. Spring is a great time to refocus on personal wellness. There’s no need for a complete fitness overhaul to feel better this spring. In fact, I’ve found that just a few simple changes and additions to your routine can make all the difference. These are a few easy ways to improve your health as the weather gets warmer.

Eat This, Not That
One of the easiest ways to feel healthier is to try a few diet substitutions. Your eating schedule doesn’t have to change – just replace some unhealthy foods with more nutritious options. For example, swap your lunchtime potato chips for kale chips. You’ll get the same crispy snacking goodness with ten times the nutrition. Check out this awesome infographic about kale. It really is a power vegetable. By adding greens like kale to your diet, you’ll feel better and more energized just by snacking! When it comes to your beverage choices, try cutting out soda and high-sugar fruit juices. Instead, choose carrot juice. In place of sugar, you’ll have all the benefits of a full serving of veggies, plus a surprisingly sweet and refreshing drink.

Challenge Yourself
Sometimes it’s really hard to get back in the exercise swing after a slower winter. If you’ve fallen off the fitness bandwagon, create a special goal for yourself. Consider entering a half-marathon or a 5k. These races are often organized for good causes, so your training will pay off in a number of ways. The end goal will add extra purpose to your workout routine, as well as help you schedule a long-term fitness plan. If you need help getting your training started, consult a tool like theCouch to 5k Running Program. The website features an app for your phone that will help track your progress. You’ll be running in top form before you know it! If races aren’t really your thing, plan something a little more low-key, such as a backpacking or bicycle trip with your family. Now that the kids are older, we try to set goals for them and reward them for sticking to them. This year, they both received backpacks with their names on them from Personal Creations to take to dance and t-ball. It’s something simple, but should help encourage them to stick with it!

Walk, Walk, Walk!
Spring is a great time to get out and walk more. Try your best to add the “walk more” philosophy into your life whenever possible. At work, at the grocery store, at your kids’ school, anywhere with a parking lot, use it as an opportunity to add get some extra exercise by parking far away from the entrance. If there are stairs, take them. Take a short walk on your lunch break at work. If you have one, take your dog for an extra walk in the evening. These walks won’t take much time out of your day, but your body will thank you. Consider getting a pedometer to track your walking distance throughout the day. You’ll be amazed at how many miles you walk in 24 hours.

Little changes like these can go a long way when it comes to improving your health this spring. With just a few small adjustments, you can kick your fitness into gear and feel great. Say “goodbye” to the winter blues and get ready for springtime wellness.What are your exercise and healthy habits you have planned this spring?


One Woman Rising Returns to Freedom Park

A painted fiberglass figure of a dancing woman know as One Woman Rising will return to Freedom Park after sitting in a temporary location along Atlanta’s Beltline Eastside Trail. One Woman Rising made its debut last year at Freedom Park as part of Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising women’s rights event.

“We are thrilled to know that [One Woman Rising] will be back on Freedom Park,” said Randi Layne, executive director of the Chelko Foundation. This Atlanta-based women’s rights nonprofit group commissioned sculptor Phil Proctor to produce the artwork.

The Chelko Foundation gifted One Woman Rising to Atlanta in January, but they are concerned about high cost of moving and storing the statue in a warehouse. Just last week, Atlanta’s Department of Parks and Recreation slammed the brakes on an already signed formal agreement to put the statue in another Freedom Park spot putting its future in doubt.

The statue has lived a nomadic life. Layne said its original Freedom Park spot and its current Beltline Eastside Trail layover were only for temporary exhibits, and there have already been months of negotiations and reviews with the city to find a permanent location. Beltline officials have politely nudged the Chelko Foundation to move on.

Lanyne said fans of the statue quietly began circulating a petition urging the statue’s move to Freedom Park which drew about 300 signatures. She went on to say the Park’s Department announcement last week didn’t create “high drama” nor did it leave her confused and worried that Freedom Park might be off the table.

The city definitely wants One Woman Rising somewhere in Freedom Park, but the exact location fell into confusion for various reasons. One reason involves a recent government reshuffle that moved the Office of Cultural Affairs out of the Parks and Recreation Department.

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